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28 February 2024

The word ‘’ in large bold letters on a light blue background.

15 February 2024

Special announcements and technical things

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Shows a country road to the left, then the 180 degrees mirror with orange outside border, that is domed on the front, that then shows the road opposite that morphs the real road, and the reflection in the mirror.

7 February 2024

2000 Underground Music’s current headquarters

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

View across Leicester, United Kingdom looking outside the 2000 Underground Music current headquarters.

6 February 2024

Screenshot of the Napster software running on Mac OS9, show a grey interface with the track title in small text on the left, then on the right, a red progress bar, showing when the tracks will be downloaded.

25 January 2024

We need your expertise

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Close up photograph of black vinyl grooves.

8 January 2024

What happened to authentic 2000-era microhouse?

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Shows Carsten playing music from a laptop in the middle, wearing a black shirt. Then the background is a bright blue, red, green, light green and yellow stripped background, like a TV error screen.

6 January 2024

Markie from Pure Vinyl Records, Brixton, who has dreadlocks and is sitting in a room with loads of records around him.

4 January 2024

The truly amazing… SoundCloud…

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Photograph of the front of the building, that shows 6 floor level, the bottom 4 are in a light brown brick, then the top 2, are glass. Looks like an office block made out of square windows and rooms.

2 January 2024 Radio logo, has a single vinyl deck onn the left, with a large bold capital letter G, on top. Then the word Groovetech to the right, in large grey capital modern typography.



29 December 2023

Control panel of the 1st nuclear power plant ever built, with retro 1950s style, dials, buttons and lights.

24 December 2023

Developments in history around media to deliver music

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Photo of a minidisc that has been deconstructed. On the top shows the blue plastic outside covering. On the bottom left shows the inside white plastic container. To the bottom right, shows the actual round minidisc. Then below this is the metal slider, that protects the reading and writing of the mindisc.

23 December 2023

Close-up shot of a bright yellow tape cassette, shows the black tap inside, with a white branded sticker on the front, where you can write on it.

22 December 2023

Control panel of the 1st nuclear power plant ever built, with retro 1950s style, dials, buttons and lights.

21 December 2023

Old tape cassettes sitting on top of each other.

20 December 2023

1st version website is live!

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Front on photograph of the Macintosh 128K released in 1984, shows the small darkish yellow screen, then keyboard below.

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