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We are on the look-out for people, who have mixes of the below

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

  • Sutekh (Rrose) around the year 2000.
  • Kit Clayton around the year 2000.
  • Frank De Wulf and also his alias as ‘Sunstone’, playing basically classic 1997-era house and techno mixes. Especially from Tribal Sun record label, or mixes from musicians like: The Rice Field, Metier, Beatsurfer, Clark, Backspin Boyz, Rozzo, Milch, Essence, Rade, Andre, Shadow Drum, Roman IV, Space Monkey, Nice ‘n’ Cute, Steve Rachmad (Tons Of Tones), Experienced Clubber, Dana Kelley (Callisto), anything like this. Analog and around 1997.
  • Swazyak around the year 2000. Mixes that are not available on the usual websites, like SoundCloud and Mixcloud, or if it has been recently uploaded (so on, or before 2022).
  • Swayzak and any collaborators on Radio. So that would probably be between 1999–2003. We are aware of 2 mixes, that were available online years ago called:
    • Swayzak – Live @ GrooveTech Radio, London/UK – 15Feb2002 #1 (59:19).
    • Swayzak – Live @ GrooveTech Radio, London/UK – 15Feb2002 #2 (59:39).
    but we have been unable to get them.
  • Any Radio mixes.
  • 2000-era London tech house scene. Anything super special and rare.
  • Anything Konrad Black, on or before 2007, that is not already online.
  • Anything from Rob Summerhayes or Richard Summerhayes.
  • Maus & Stolle mixes around the year 2000 (if they ever did any?).
  • Callisto (Dana Kelley) mixes around the year 2000 (if he ever did any?).
  • Anything from the Branceleone club in Rome, Italy, between 2000–2006, on their microhouse nights and in their chill-out room. Usual DJs were Brancaphonic (Andrea Filosa & Filippo R. Travaglio, Rumi & Trodini) and Donato Dozzy.
Old tape cassettes sitting on top of each other.

Old tape cassettes sitting on top of each other.

Photograph by Lovely N (10 February 2024), distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license, adapted, from

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