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1Live Treibhaus

Radio show 1995–1999 on German radio station 1[Eins]Live. Sunday from midnight 12pm–2am, hosted by DJ’s Steffen Irlinger and Ingo Sänger. Focused on all kinds of house music and often other genres. Guests included Frankie Knuckles, Ian Pooley and Jerome Sydenham. Was started in April 1995 with the start of the new radio station 1Live, and abandoned in September 1999

Beats In Space

Radio show started in 1999 by Tim Sweeney in New York City, on WNYU 89.1FM (a radio station by New York University). Broadcasts every week online, with over 800+ shows

Beta Lounge

Mix show broadcasting worldwide since 1996, featuring over 700 artists, in over 900 shows


Podcast and mix show started in 2005, featuring around 200 shows, plus essays and interviews


Bass and dub scholarship, dedicated to advanced dubwise electronic music on vinyl records, as well as in clubs, podcasts and written texts

Deeper Shades of House

Hosted by Lars Behrenroth, a weekly 2 hour listener supported deep house radio program, and podcast. The 1st United States edition, was aired on the 4 July 2003. There are over 760 shows, over the last 20 years


Underground electronic music, established in 2001, with over 200 hours of DJ mixes. Based in Helsinki, Finland, and operating worldwide

DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) 2000 archive

The legendary pioneering festival, download some of the mixes and sets

DNA Lounge

Nightclub in San Francisco, United States, that have hosted 1000s of performances, from 2001 to the present day (2023), available to listen online

dublab archive


Deep house and deep minimal radio show, originally broadcast on KSCU 103.3 FM (Santa Clara University’s student-run radio station) by Brian Donovan, between 2001–2004

FreqStream (Mr.C loves…) pioneer tribute mix series

A whole mix series dedicated to a pioneer of house and techno, by the gladiator Mr.C

Friends of Friends/Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

An international community, production studio, and publishing platform dedicated to creativity and inspiration. Regular curated mixtapes, to interviews with renowned DJs and artists, staying on top of a wide range of contemporary music genres from our Berlin-base

Funky Jeff

Music curator and a selector since 1991, record collector and a mixologist. Ex-radio show host from 2000–2009. Plays and explores 2000-era ambient, techno, downtempo, dub techno, minimal, deep minimal, Detroit techno, IDM, funk, electro and dub-tech, as well as krautrock, jazz, dub, trip-hop and hip-hop

Goldenyearz mid-West rave flyer and mix archive

A collection of mid-West rave flyer and classic DJ mixes archived from 1992–2002 and


Digitised classic underground 1990s mixtapes based in Los Angeles, United States

IDA Radio

Founded in 2018, IDA Radio is an online community radio based in Tallinn (Estonia), and Helsinki (Finland)

La Conty

1000s of MP3 mixes covering the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s

Little White Earbuds

Dedicated to bringing the best in underground dance music, to your ears through podcasts, reviews, interviews and charts


Radio show started in 1999 in Chicago, broadcast on WNUR 89.3 FM & HD1 Evanston-Chicago (on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Chicago), now also online


Large mix hosting website since 2008

Mixtape Magic

Classic mixes from the 1990-era

Mutek Festival

Electronic music festival, that has taken place in Montreal, Canada, since 2000 and

Person sitting in a chair, holding in front of them, an old bright yellow tape cassette Walkman. In the foreground are plants and a table.

By Silas Gregory of Chalkpit Cassette Club (cassette culture connoisseurs), since 2021 based in the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

Photograph by Silas Gregory (18 May 2023), distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license, adapted, from

Resource for netlabel and netaudio culture from around the 2000-era. Find free music in our archive and more about netlabel history

Optimistic Underground

Mixtape and music review website by David Bradshaw, covering old and new underground music

Old Skool House Mixes

2000-era London tech house mixes

Old Skool Mix Archive

p45 Records Radio

50 live streams including full timecoded playlists, produced between April 2005 and September 2009. They provide well selected sounds of high quality, in the vast field of advanced dub related electronic music


Began producing events in 1993, formally launched as the Paxahau brand in 1998, connected with the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), and enhanced its worldwide image, by assuming complete management responsibilities for the Movement Electronic Music Festival in 2006 onwards See also shortcuts to their mixes:

Woman with black and orange hair, colourful safari orange top, walking to the right, with large headphones on, in an urban city street environment. There is a block of flats behind her.

Photograph by Elvis Ray (11 May 2022), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from

Man sitting on a ledge, on the left on a sea pier, looking to the right, that shows the sea and docklands, then factories in the far distance. The sky cover the top half.

Ofelia Beach, København K, Denmark.

Photograph by Vita M (21 April 2022), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from

Woman sitting on a ledge facing the left, with tall buildings in the background. Below her feet are green trees. She is holding a phone or mp3 player.

São Paulo, Brasil.

Photograph by Karina Araújo (14 December 2020), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from

Man walking along a snow-covered pavement on the right. On the left are a line of cars that are also covered by snow. He is wearing a bright orange coat, and holding his iPhone listening to music.

Kyiv, Ukraine.

Photograph by Viktor Bystrov (14 March 2018), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from


Large mix hosting website since 2005

Proton Radio

Streaming the best in underground dance music live and on demand, for 200+ exclusive mix shows. Founded in 2002, by Sam Packer, Alex Ambroziak and Eric Liberda. Established a record label in 2004, and also offer services like smart contracts, DJ mixes, promo pool, and archive access


Mix collection and started recording on tape cassette in the early 1990s, then moved over to DAT’s in the mid-1990s. Was part of the San Francisco rave scene, and went to The Gathering, Basics, Freedom, Vision, Wicked, 2nd Sunday, Wet Pool parties, Funky Tekno Tribe, Sunset Sound System, By the People, Bulletproof, and many more and

Rave Archive

A collection of rave tapes (MP3) and zines from covering the 1990s

Rave Point

Techno label founded by Mathias Cieluch and Matthias Bohling. Group of enthusiastic fans of electric music, in the north-east of Germany, from the 1990s to the present day (2023)

2000-era minimal, deep house, deep minimal and glitch mixes, from the New York based architectural designer David Lefkowitz

Red Bull Music Academy Radio

Explore over 2000 lectures, features, interviews, themes, articles and more

San Francisco Disco Preservation Society

They collect, restore, digitise, preserve and present historic electronic audio and video recordings, covering the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s:

Main website

Sonic Sunset

Mix radio broadcast since 1998. DJ’s Matt MacQueen and Dave Siska are now in the San Francisco Bay Area (previously Chicago). Retired their weekly live Chicago radio broadcast on WNUR 89.3 FM (on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Chicago) in 2006


Large mix hosting website since 2007


108 Radio mixes, with audio and videos

Test Pressing

Founded in October 2008 by Paul Byrne (also known as) Apiento. Website consists of 3 key areas (magazine, mixes and archive). The archive is growing to currently over 500 mixes. The website is home to anything that we feel, contributes to a history of our culture, and understand of how we got there

The Tribute Mix Show

Excellent historical showcase of quality music from the past. The host takes you through, usually a 1 hour and a half mix, of stuff just from 1 musician, DJ or an alias, or even an entire showcase of a single record label. Highly recommended and based in Lemgo, Germany

Loads of 2000-era great deep house, chill-out and lounge mixes, plus new mixes, by Christian Kistler and Marc Zehnder from Switzerland

Underground Talent

Blog about electronic music based in London, inspired by real-life observations of how things work behind closed doors. Mainly or new artists in the scene

XLR8R Podcasts

Accelerating music and culture for 25 years. Website covering music, culture, style and technology, featuring around 800 podcasts and mixes

Photo of inside the record store. Shows crates of vinyls’ on stands, with people sifting through them. There is a till on the right, with the operator serving a customer. The wall at the back, has vinyl record covers stuck on it.

Tomorrow Records in Portland, Oregon, United States

Photograph by Sean Benesh (13 March 2021), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from

Identifying tunes


Internet browser extension to identify music, records and tunes



1000s of tracklists for underground mixes

Their mission is to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for tracklists, the website offers a simple and efficient way to process audio streams, and extract tracklists automatically

Originally launched in 1998 by sbradyman as, is now an archive and resource for DJs and music enthusiasts, of various DJs, clubs, radio shows and so on, from the golden-era of dance music 1988–1998. Extensive tracklists for many DJ mixes between 1988–1998 (new website version) and (old website version).

Discussion podcasts

RA Exchange

Weekly series of conversations with artists, labels and promoters, shaping the electronic music landscape and