Mix of the year

We look back at the mixes we have listened to in a year and try and select 1, that has been the most amazing, moving and outstanding, based on our preference, knowledge and judgement. 1 is chosen by a follower on our SoundCloud (spotted by us), and 1 by Thomas.

Entry requirements

  • From anytime and any year, does not have to be in the year of the Mix of the year.
  • Must have been listened to for the 1st time, in the year of the Mix of the year.
  • Needs to be available to listen to online or can be put online.
Photograph of a middle-aged woman Anja Charbonneau sitting with her back on a long green sofa in the middle of the room. 2 windows above, and behind her, a small table with plant pot on, then a cello. She is leaning back reading a magazine, sideways facing right to the camera. Table on the right, with magazines on top.

Anja Charbonneau (editor in chief and creative director of Broccoli Magazine) from the Anja Charbonneau interview by Gossamer.

Photograph by Jules Davies (2020), reused with permission under license © Jules Davies. Not adapted, from http://julesville.com.


Mix of the year chosen by a follower, on our SoundCloud

makis prl https://soundcloud.com/makis_prl from Greece, a listener and record collector of house and techno since 1993, chose:


Mix of the year chosen by Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

Thomas https://soundcloud.com/2000undergroundmusic chose the following mix and says ‘stunning, amazing, life-changing, great great work, transformational, 10/10! Very very good… and past about 50 plays in a week’. So here it is, a mix for lovers and to play around love, passion. Enjoy the journey, wow!

Harrison Divecha (Canada)

‘My SoundCloud webpage was set up to promote music, and art, that is relatively unpopular “underground” and/or unknown… Everything I upload, is for fun and promotional purposes’.

Analog film reel machine from Milan, Italy, at the bottom. Has 2 large round devices, and film goes around them. Then above, a film shelf, with loads of silver film reels. Then on the left, and old green light lamp.

Analog film reel machine from Milan, Italy. [Does anyone have specific information about this machine, what it is and does?]

Photograph by Diane Picchiottino (23 August 2021), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from https://unsplash.com/photos/black-and-silver-dj-mixer-VIO-eaAKUvU.