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25 years of Sunset Sound System with Solar & Galen

By The Ransom Note and Solar & Galen

Published 23 August 2021

Genre 1990s West Coast house and techno

For 25 years, Solar & Galen have helped to pioneer free thinking dance music, and have been a significant influence on the careers of many. Just last week, a conversation with Kim Ann Foxman (San Francisco-seasoned and NYC-based musician), saw her recite the joy of attending the early Sunset Sound System parties, in the fierce outback of the United States, at a time when an oppressive government, offered nearly nothing in the way of liberal freedom or creative culture

Achim Szepanski’s Copyriot blog

Published 2017+

Articles 2800

Genius and founder of the Force Inc. Music Works, and Mille Plateaux record label empires, around the 2000-era

RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy) Radio interviews

Published 2012+

Interviews 570

Career-spanning conversations, with some of underground music’s most interesting characters

Canadian Electronic Music Directory 2003–2004

By Tobias C. van Veen and The Department of Canadian Heritage

Published 2003

Genre 2000-era minimal

A list, directory and highly detailed information on some of the finest minimal, deep minimal, microhouse and glitch musicians working around the early 2000-era. Covering Canada, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, the Prairies, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal and Halifax. Very valuable and well researched, view the PDF.

Ghost Deep

By Thomas Q. Kelley

Published 2016+

Genre 1990s West coast dance music

Thomas Q. Kelley editor-in-chief of Ghost Deep, a rave historian from Los Angeles, Memphis, and Paris, exploring the crossroads between music, technology and global culture, the 3 form an ever-shifting prism, of human-machine insight, they help us envision, construct and understand the invisible cities and networked landscapes of tomorrow. Refracting this human spirit through storytelling, in various mediums (text, images, video, audio),

Halcyon Days – electronic music and geek culture blog

By Jeff Chill

Published 2009+

Genres Ambient, techno, downtempo, Detroit techno, IDM, funk, electro, dub-tech, krautrock, jazz, dub, trip-hop and hip-hop

Always looking, searching and digging for new beats and sounds. On my blog you will find interviews, reviews, mixes and much more. I am a music curator, selector from Canada, a record collector and a mixologist. Ex radio show host from 2000–2009, on CHYZ-FM (college radio station for Université Laval), located in Sainte-Foy, Québec, Canada

Harold Heath’s blog

By Harold Heath

Published 2020

Genres London tech house, London deep house

DJ since the late 1980s. In 2001 began a house music production career, that led to a few hundred releases and remixes, alongside several years of low-level DJing across Europe

Higher Frequency interviews

By Higher Frequency

Published 2004–2007

Genre House, techno

204 in-depth interviews with leading musicians and DJs

Photograph of the front cover, has a orange background then the title in black typography at the top, using black horizontal rules, below the bottom of the typographic letters.

Markus S. Kleiner and Achim Szepanski, Soundcultures: Über elektronische und digitale Musik, ISBN-10: 3-518-12303-3, 1st edition, 2003, Edition Suhrkamp.

Photograph by Edition Suhrkamp (13 April 2024), promotional license, from

History and evolution of electronic music (and its subgenres)

By Martina (iMusician)

Published 25 July 2022

Genre Electronic music

Guide dedicated to the history of electronic music, its defining elements, and most significant artists. Also includes a timeline

Incredible photos of vinyl record grooves, under an electron microscope

By Amar Ediriwira

Published 23 October 2014

Genre Vinyl production, photography

By URnano from University of Rochester, New York, United States

Live Sets Chicago

By Gus ‘Audio’ the ‘Datman’

Published 2009–2019

Genre House, techno

Collecting over 25 years of live DJ recordings and stories, in clubs and underground events, from both local and international artists

Rave Preservation Project

By Matthew Johnson

Published 1980s+

Genre Rave

Their goal is to preserve original underground, rave, club, disco and any other underground memorabilia. As the years go by, old rave flyers and rave posters are lost, damaged and destroyed. The project is to ensure rave flyers and rave posters, are curated and stored in a healthy environment

Music Is The Answer

By Marcus Barnes

Published 2020+

Genre House and techno

Blog by Marcus Barnes, who decided to combine his passion for music, with my journalistic training. Has been all over the world, interviewed many of his heroes, and written for a variety of respected publications. Over the years, a lot of my work has disappeared for various reasons, an so created a newsletter

Reverberations to RvS. A 20 year evolution

By Kirsti Weir (Fabric nightclub)

Published 3 December 2014 and 4 December 2014

Genre 2000-era London deep house and tech house

2 articles on the amazing London deep house, original London tech house and ambient Reverberations label, in the early 2000s:

Unveiling the secret – The roots of trance

By Bleep43 and Dave Mothersole

Published 14 April 2010

Genre 1980s trance

Dave Mothersole’s epic mix and article, on playing trance in Goa, on analog machines in the 1980s (unreal literally!)

Put your hands up: An oral history of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF)

By Todd L. Burns (Resident Advisor)

Published 18 May 2010

Genre 2000-era techno

Charts and timelines the history, of 1 of the most important underground dance music festivals

Front shot photograph of The End. Show the dark blue and purple building, with torn paint, and posters stuck on. Shows the sky on the left, and then the road in the bottom right. The building is all boarded-up.

The remains of The End nightclub, in 2022, on 18 West Central Street, Holborn, London, WC1A 1JJ, United Kingdom. Started in December 1995 by DJs Layo Paskin and Mr.C and closed on the 24 January 2009. Also responsible for the record label End Recordings and the AKA Bar.

Photograph by PeterUKWiki2050 (25 September 2022), distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license, adapted, from


Mensa Lord of the rave (Sterns)

By Mensa Lord of the Dance

Published 2023

Genre History of house and techno

The story of seminal United Kingdom nightclub Sterns (aka The House on the Hill) and its infamous promoter Mensa

Pump up the volume, a history of house music

By Channel 4 (United Kingdom)

Published November 2001

Genre History of house and techno

A British TV documentary by Channel 4 made in 2001, that focuses on the inception and development of house music. Interviews with legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, and Marshall Jefferson, are inter-cut with bits from dancers and enthusiasts, who were present at the dawn the movement. If you are a fan of modern day house music, this documentary is a must watch

Techno city: What is Detroit techno?

By Third Ear

Published Around 2001 (exact date not known)

Genre History of Detroit techno

1st broadcast on TV, a unique documentary filmed on location in Detroit, United States. Featuring personal interviews and commentary, from some of the seminal people in the story of techno, that includes coverage of the legendary Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in 2000

Aerial photo of Hart Plaza. Shows a crowd of people in front of the stage. Also shows the sea to the left, roads to the right, then tall skyscrapers on the right.

DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival, now known as the Movement Electronic Music Festival) 2018, Hart Plaza, Detroit, United States.

Photograph by Josh Garcia (9 August 2018), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from

What happened to (London) tech house?

By Resident Advisor

Published 6 April 2021

Genre History of 2000-era London tech house

Documentary following the origin and development, of original London tech house, starting in the 1990s and then losing pace in the late 2000s

This ain’t Chicago: United Kingdom house according to the artists who lived it

By Richard Sen

Published 13 September 2012

Genre History of house

Richard Sen casts an eye on mid-1980s England, when the sounds of house, techno and electronic dance music, (making their way over from the United States), gave way to a wave of original United Kingdom productions. They sat down for interviews with some of the major players, including Lesley Lawrence (of Bang The Party), P-Mac (producer for May), Colin Faver (Kiss FM DJ), and of course Richard Sen (DJ and musician), to speak about the key events

Music news and reviews


Digital platform and experiential brand championing the global electronic music community. Covering all facets of underground electronic music culture, resource, technology, and lifestyle. Started as a Los Angeles-based local blog and club sub-promotion company

Attack Magazine

Dedicated to dance music production and culture. Our London-based editorial team, is drawn from a multi-faceted background, bringing together a group with extensive experience of club promotion, professional audio, DJ’ing, music publishing, and the record industry

Corrigan Blanchfield

Music reviews and travelling far and wide to do face-to-face interviews, for instance with musicians like Seafoam (Brian Cavender)

Data.Wave Webzine

Online magazine about experimental electronic music active, since 2016. Among the most prominent activities are interviews with representatives of the music scene (in text and sometimes in audio), reviews of the new releases

Decoded Magazine

Aims to deliver thought provoking, intelligent journalistic articles that affect the generations who are passionate about electronic music, fashion, lifestyle, industry news, interviews, travel, food, and breaking new emerging talent beyond the dance floor


Started in 2010 by a frustration by a lack of informed and honest review websites. Covers a wide-range of electronic music and they are written by the director (Sykonee)

Fact Magazine

A multimedia platform championing the global electronic art movement of. Incorporates a print magazine, exhibition programme, production studio and audiovisual channel. Published twice a year, commissions 4 original covers by artists, and 10 in-depth features, across 250 printed pages


Electronic music and club culture since 1989, offering news, reviews, podcasts, features and charts


Quarterly culture and fashion magazine, founded in 2011 and based in London, by Rankin (the famous celebrity and well-known photographer)

Iconic Underground Magazine (IUM)

Full of clubland tales from yesteryear, interviews and reviews. A digital and hardcopy global dance music publication, delivering iconic quality content in music and urban culture

Igloo Magazine

Electronic music e’zine [magazine only available in electronic form], publishing articles about current, classic and upcoming music from around the globe. The virtual Igloo doors officially opened in December 2000. Publishes articles in the capacity of newswires, reviews, features and profiles

In Sheeps Clothing Hi-Fi

Your source for analog and vinyl culture. An online music discovery platform based in Los Angeles, explore new records daily, from their growing collection of classics and rarities from around the world. Discover the stories behind the records, listen to exclusive recordings, read special articles, watch special live footage, and shop curated objects

Philip Sherburne

Writing about mostly electronic, experimental and underground music, since the late 1990s and


A trusted voice in music reviews

Ransom Note

Digital music, arts and culture publication, providing a home for readers and writers, with boundless enthusiasm, esoteric knowledge, fierce opinions, and impeccable taste

Resident Advisor

Global guide to clubs, DJs, tickets, news and rave culture

Stamp The Wax

Founded as a student blog in 2011, however, has grown into 1 of the leading online voices, in the United Kingdom for global underground music, across editorial, film, radio and events


2000-era minimal interviews (very hard to find nowadays) from Tim Hecker, Deepchord, Andy Vaz, and many more

The Wire Magazine

The world’s greatest print and online underground music magazine, independent since 1982

Aerial top shot photograph of a large cargo ship, going to the left. Shows large cargo boxes on the top, then the water swell behind.

Unknown cargo ship, heading out to sea.

Photograph by Venti Views (1 April 2020), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from