Our aims and what we offer you

  • Make this website available for the next 10+ years, so the musicians and DJs, have a permanent consistent reliable place, to have some of their key information, and are not forgot.
  • Consistent URL like https://2000undergroundmusic.com/yourname.
  • List of websites, social media, URLs, and interviews.
  • Direct buyer links to the musicians and DJs music for a cleaner better sale, avoiding middle-people and cheaper not great physical sellers, or digital sellers (that have been so destructive for the sustainability of underground musicians).
  • Free edits and updating (although there is a 1-off fee, if you would like a webpage (or webpages, for any aliases or groups you are in) directly made-up, see the section below How this website works, and the process to get a webpage or webpages).
  • Accurate website statistics so how many views your webpage (or webpages) got a year.
  • Direct people interested in the musicians and DJs music, more quickly and precisely to buying it. That is 1st-hand and as direct, clean and honest sale as possible. 2nd-hand is near useless, as the original musician and DJ, gets £0 for the resale…
  • Assist in rewriting, editing and updating musicians and DJs biography (essentially the Discogs profile text). That can be reused wherever they wish, copyright-free.
  • Collate, make and sell extended tracklists for mixes. To offer people great information on the music in mixes, places to buy the music (and to help us make this project and website sustainable).
  • Use accessible, usable, and good technology to deliver a great website (see our Vacancies and feelancers section, if you think you can help).
  • Introduce ideas that musicians and DJs may have, to make this website even better. Like a timeline of key events throughout their career, blog, super cool information, things like this.
Front shot photograph of an airport landing and terminal scene. Shows a large plane in the bottom right, then people carry away cones. Then in the far distances, large airport buildings.

Barcelona airport, terminal 1, Spain.

Photograph by Mason Dahl (17 June 2020), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from https://unsplash.com/photos/people-walking-on-airport-during-daytime-uEI_ad2BiRY.

The process to getting a webpage or webpages

Step 1 of 8

  • We email a musician and DJ, to say we have added a webpage for you.
  • Or you submit information, your Discogs webpage, and links to work, releases and mixes.
  • Or you notice your webpage on this website, and would like to update it.
  • Our you simply would like a webpage or webpages made-up, on this website.

Step 2 of 8

If you made or played music between 1999–2003 (or 1990–2009), we will check out the information and listen. Then decide if it is an okay fit to make a webpage. It is unlikely we would say not okay to musicians and DJs between 1990–2009. Although yes we do make some exceptions, and have added a few new DJs from around 2020.

Step 3 of 8

Add, edit and update your webpage and information. Copy all the information into a:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) document.
  • Text (.txt) file.
  • Make a PDF file, then add comments onto it.
  • Put them in an email.
  • Do it another way (it does not really matter, as long as we can see the changes and edits).

Mark corrections in red, or another way, so we can see what you have changed, edited and updated (or we can help you).

Step 4 of 8

Send the corrected information or file back to us, by contacting us.

Step 5 of 8

We input your changes and do any last changes, like checking information accuracy, spelling and editorial style.

Step 6 and 8

Done and finished? nearly…

Step 7 and 8

How can we afford do this?

Yes this service is free for musicians and DJs that we make-up a webpage for (but not for their aliases or groups, that they may be in). For us to be sustainable, we would like to state a cost:

  • If you would directly like a webpage (or webpages, for any aliases or groups you are in) made-up, the cost is GBP £300 (EUR €345, USD $382, AUD $559, Krona 3818 kr). That is a 1-off cost (not monthly or yearly) and any corrections or edits in the future, are free. We do not charge or add any VAT, we are not VAT registered. The cost includes your main musician and DJ name, as well as any aliases or groups you are in (so not GBP £300 per webpage). If you have a very very extensive back catalog, that also applies for any groups (like if you were in The Beatles), we may need to double the price (so charge twice, but this instance would be rare). Contact us and we can let you know.
  • If we have made-up a single webpage of you, that is either your main name, an alias or group, and you would all of your aliases and groups doing (webpages made-up) same as the previous bullet point.

Step 8 of 8

Contact us and we can sort it. We can send you our payment details, or you can pay online using our online payment fee form (a cheque may also be accepted in certain circumstances).

Company entry, on the vinyl mastering and dubplate directory map webpage

GBP £70 (EUR €82, USD $89, AUD $135, SEK 931 kr), this is a 1-off cost (not monthly or yearly), and your entry stays on the website for as long as it is live. We do not charge or add any VAT, we are not VAT registered. Edits and updates to the information, are free anytime.

If you rename your company, you can also edit and change the name, city and website address.

Contact us and we can sort it. We can send you our payment details, or you can pay online using our online payment fee form (a cheque may also be accepted in certain circumstances).

A technician welding person, fixing metal steel pipes. Wearing a safety hood and mask, set in an industrial factory.

The welding process of boiler overhaul at Central Heating Plant, Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mines, Khanbogd, in the South Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

Photograph by Munkh-Erdene Eenee (27 August 2022), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from https://unsplash.com/photos/a-person-wearing-a-helmet-and-goggles-7C4vAivzzaM.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Are you looking to commercialise underground music?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: much of the information gained from listening to underground music, takes years, and in many cases decades to know, learn and understand. Much information gets lost, websites go down, releases unavailable to buy, information changes, people and organisations come and go, and email addresses fail. So we would just like to make it a little easier, and better, to find this information out. And to make the journey, slightly easier and more rewarding. The underground will be and can be, whatever it wants to be.

I would like to edit, correct, update, or delete my musician and DJ webpage

Okay, that is what we are here for! You can edit pretty much anything. Contact us, list corrections in an email or a file like a .docx, .txt or PDF. If you are the musician and DJ, and would like to have your webpage removed and deleted, that is also fine. Let us know.

Are you responsible for the links on this website?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: we do link checking maintenance, but cannot be responsible for anything on external webpages, as we cannot edit them (of course). Any issues, errors or corrections, please do contact us.

I would like to use some information, an extract, a musician or DJ biography (Discogs) text, or a large chunk of information, from your website

Sort of okay and sort of not okay, please contact us, happy to discuss your requirements. Most of the time we would just like a credit, and this is especially true of any articles we have written.

Musician and DJ biographic (Discogs profile) parts, and release information are copyright-free. Always ask, do not assume. A lot of our content, especially the musician and DJ biographic (Discogs profile) parts, are personally written and developed in collaboration with the musician and DJ, and are also based on 24 years of knowledge and listening to their music and work. They take a lot of time, but we can find no way to secure or charge for the information, and think it is not even useful…

How long will it take to make-up a webpage/s

Could take 3 days, could take 1 month. It depends on how easy it is to get the information from you, how much information there is, how quick you respond to emails, and do corrections.

Are you making lots of money out of underground musicians and DJs, and selling their music cheap without paying them back?

No, we are not a seller or distributor of music. It is a large and demanding task, so we do what we can, around this area.

How do we choose who to add, as an option 1 and 2 seller?

  • The musicians and DJs choice.
  • Whoever sells the music 1st-hand new (usually there are very few options, so the choice is easy). 2nd-hand is absolutely no good, as the musician and DJ gets £0 (no money) for the sale… In fact, 2nd-hand records usually sell for twice the original brand new 1st-hand cost, when they were originally released. So the musician and DJ loses double, sometimes even tripple for really rare and unique vinyl records!
  • We are directly trying to avoid linking to:
    • Apple Music.
    • Beatport.
    • Spotify.
    • Traxsource.
    • and so on.
    Because they rarely pay back, and when they do, it is only a few pennies. Juno Download are okay, because they have a physical department (CDs, vinyls, tape cassettes), that have been operating well for many decades. We prefer to support and provide direct links to suppliers, and record labels (of course), who are known, for doing the good and the right thing. We are not anti them, we do not hate them, but they are not ideal or sustainable. Why should a musician or DJ put in loads of hard work, to make the music, then get artwork, then get it mastered, then get it manufactured, then send it out, to get basically not much back… What is the point in that, they should at least break even, or more ideal, make the profit that they expect, surely? However, we will link to them upon the musician’s or DJ’s request.

You said you have done the updates, but I cannot see them done on your webpage

Could be an old common issue lurking, even in 2023… Look online about how to clear your internet browser’s cache or clear internet browsing history.

Please note

When you clear the cache or history, you will have to log and sign back into any accounts, that you are logged into, in that internet browser. As it clears already downloaded files and cookies, that keep you signed in. Doing this will then allow, the new updated version of the webpage to load in, and display.

Once you have done this, close the internet browser, then open it again, and it should show. If not, try clicking/tapping the refresh or reload button.

Do you utilise advertising campaigns, cheap banners and clickbait on your website? Are you funded or sponsored by anyone?

Short answer: no.

Large cargo ship, front shot, with large cargo containers on the front. The ship is blue, and the sea is below. In the distance on the left, are office buildings.

Container ship, Hamburg, Germany.

Photograph by Elias (5 December 2019), distributed under an Unsplash license. Work adapted, from https://unsplash.com/photos/blue-and-red-boat-during-daytime--lYi5Qg0xP0.

Other services we offer

Promote your music and mixes to the media

Get people interested, listening and buying. Contact review websites like Resident Advisor, Fact magazine, music writers, mix/podcast series websites, distributors, and to any musicians or DJs, if relevant. We can also send people on SoundCloud and YouTube messages, if they have left comments wanting to know about your music, when it was not available. We can email about 100 really good contacts, that we have known for 10+ years.

Discogs.com information correcting, adding and improving

Photography adding, updating release information, links, and reviews.

Discogs.com profile (career biography) rewrite, updating and editing

The text would be around 700 words (around 1 and a half pages of A4). We usually start at the beginning of your career, then finish at the end. Also research and read other profile efforts and attempts. Visit the links below, for examples:

Graphic communication design

Logo design, flyer design, infographic design, artwork for CD’s and vinyl’s, low-resolution photography upscaling (reduce pixelation) and make small size photographs larger and printable to 300dpi, photography colour correction, illustration, booklet design, accessibility, usability, information design, and so on. Examples of work (our portfolio), can be provided upon request, contact us.

Website design

Do a new website design for and with you. Sort and organise content, work on accessibility and usability issues. Also rebuild old websites. Advise and sort website hosting and email, and let you know about the billing dates.

Selling strategy and sale supplier advice

We might be able to give you some tips on who to contact to increase sales, or who to send promotional copies.

We provide an estimate for the work needed, based on an hourly rate. We always make a timesheet (usually in PDF format) readily available, at the various stages throughout the project, so you can keep track of the cost.