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Old MP3 mixes from the and websites

By Thomas (2000 Underground Music)

We are after any old mixes on, that are also listed below, that were organised and uploaded by Eric or Dustin. But we do not know who they are. Can you help, or do you have any? If so contact us.

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AllandByallo-FightOrFlight.mp3 (25-Jul-2004 16:22, 69.7M).

AllandByallo_DirtyDesirables.mp3 (10-Aug-2004 23:48, 51.1M).

Andy_Compton-GreenSpringMix.mp3 (16-Sep-2004 00:57, 62.8M).

Apple_Rochez_-Boogie_Down_Reduction.mp3 (29-Jul-2003 20:57, 68.8M).

Aquatic-Folks-Meet-the-folks.mp3 (31-Mar-2003 20:40, 70.9M).

AtwaterSyndicate-Keys_and_Decks_Live.mp3 (02-Mar-2004 00:33, 81.5M).

B.Ffar-Bottomless.mp3 (01-May-2003 21:41, 44.3M).

B.Ffar-Changing_Lanes.mp3 (03-Apr-2003 21:16, 39.8M).

B_Ffar-Voids_live.mp3 (25-May-2003 16:58, 42.5M).

Ben (Touché - MuzBout) - The Doodle.mp3 (16-Aug-2004 03:34, 110M).

Ben_touche_-_There_were_no_80s.mp3 (30-Jan-2004 20:09, 98.0M).

Blacksoul.Music.Session.v4.mp3 (17-Nov-2003 23:57, 58.5M).

Bobby_Valentine@Full_Flavor.mp3 (25-Jul-2004 13:32, 74.1M).

Bradford_James_-_Subway_Soul.mp3 (13-Aug-2003 19:25, 57.4M).

Brennan_Green_-_Pop_Your_Funk.mp3 (17-Jun-2004 09:17, 55.5M).

Brent_Phillips_-_Social_Work.mp3 (04-Apr-2004 18:54, 67.7M).

Brian-Ffar-Live-@-Zentra.mp3 (29-Jul-2003 21:09, 98.8M).

Brian-Ffar-RLS13.mp3 (28-Apr-2004 01:11, 89.7M).

Brian-Ffar-Red-Line-Sessions-2.mp3 (09-Sep-2003 23:43, 80.4M).

Brian.Ffar-RLS8.mp3 (25-Nov-2003 19:13, 91.0M).

BrianFfarRLS12.mp3 (23-Mar-2004 18:26, 97.6M).

BrianFfarRLS15.mp3 (23-Jun-2004 08:16, 87.1M).

BrianFfarRLS16.mp3 (29-Jul-2004 06:20, 146M).

BrianFfarRLS17Part1Vocal.mp3 (25-Aug-2004 19:40, 88.0M).

BrianFfarRLS17Part2Vocal.mp3 (25-Aug-2004 21:23, 88.1M).

BrianFfarRLS9.mp3 (28-Dec-2003 03:44, 103M).

BrianFfar_RLS_Sept.mp3 (26-Sep-2003 10:36, 90.2M).

Brian_Ffar-RLS7.mp3 (30-Oct-2003 23:25, 76.8M).

Brian_Ffar-Red-Line-Sessions1.mp3 (10-Jul-2003 20:14, 81.6M).

Brian_Ffar_-_Live_@_Zentra.mp3 (29-Jul-2003 21:09, 98.8M).

Brian_Ffar_-_RLS13.mp3 (28-Apr-2004 01:11, 89.7M).

Brian_Ffar_-_Red_Line_Sessions_2_.mp3 (09-Sep-2003 23:43, 80.4M).

Brian_Ffar_RLS11.mp3 (24-Feb-2004 23:55, 97.1M).

david duriez at palm beach spain (Oct 26 2004 11:18:19 PM).

DJ Bonehead - Shake Dat Booty.mp3 (11-Sep-2004 21:49, 94.9M).

DJ_Mes-Rainy_Days.mp3 (16-Jun-2003 22:27, 72.5M).

DJ_Mes_-_Deep_Dittys.mp3 (07-Oct-2003 20:25, 85.0M).

DJ_Mes_Live_@_Stylus.mp3 (16-Oct-2003 22:44, 73.1M).

djMes-live@SimmaDownNow2.mp3 (10-Jun-2003 17:14, 87.4M).

djMes-live@function.mp3 (10-Jun-2003 22:59, 110M).

dj_mes_miami_heat.mp3 (02-Mar-2004 13:21, 72.8M).

DS-_Live.mp3 (03-Sep-2003 22:39, 66.3M).

Dee-_Farewell.mp3 (12-Aug-2003 21:39, 60.4M).

Dee_-_I_like_it_Funky.mp3 (17-Jul-2003 23:53, 67.3M).

Dee_-_WMC_04_Mix.mp3 (23-Apr-2004 02:48, 56.9M).

Dee_That's the Jam.mp3 (26-Jul-2004 20:15, 110M).

Deep_House_Souldiers_-_Live.mp3 (16-Oct-2003 22:45, 62.0M).

Dizzy-How Low Can U Go.mp3 (17-Jun-2004 14:27, 86.8M).

Don_Tinsley_-_Sweet_Spot.mp3 (18-Jul-2003 15:50, 50.3M).

Don_Tinsley_Owed_to_Texas.mp3 (20-Jul-2004 13:35, 94.5M).

Don_Tinsley_live_feb_04.mp3 (19-Jul-2004 14:12, 51.7M).

Doozer_-_My_Nimal.mp3 (02-Mar-2004 00:28, 103M).

duane-gallery-3-28-04.mp3 (15-Sep-2004 19:37, 63.0M).

Duane-Sun.Sets.In.The.West.mp3 (19-Nov-2003 07:32, 84.6M).

ECB_-_Now_I_Know_My_ABCs.mp3 (29-Jul-2003 18:46, 62.1M).

East_Coast_Boogiemen_Live1-9-04.mp3 (02-Mar-2004 00:30, 171M).

EoinCallanan_BodytonicMarch04.mp3 (15-Sep-2004 01:52, 64.7M).

eric-7-19-04.mp3 (28-Jul-2004 07:42, 97.8M).

Ffar-Proton_radio_mix.mp3 (10-Apr-2003 22:10, 28.4M).

Fred_Everything_-_Live_at_Propaganda.mp3 (05-Feb-2004 00:25, 33.8M).

Garrett_Beam_-_Puzzle_Pieces_June.mp3 (28-Jun-2004 18:59, 69.7M).

Greg_A-Selections.mp3 (30-Mar-2003 00:26, 64.6M).

Infectious_Audio_-_Offset_Mix.mp3 (22-Mar-2004 02:05, 70.4M).

Instantlunch_-_Gallery_mix.mp3 (04-Apr-2004 18:53, 75.6M).

Jacob_London-Live@Toronto.mp3 (11-Aug-2004 11:38, 147M).

James Gunaca - Imagination (Disc 2).mp3 (20-Jul-2004 12:01, 54.6M).

Janel.Roland-Seoul.Sista.mp3 (15-Dec-2003 07:56, 56.5M).

Janel_Roland_-_Shades_of_Emotions.mp3 (10-May-2004 02:26, 59.3M).

Jay-JLive@ZoukClub082704 (Oct 26 2004 04:41:20 PM).

Jazzy_Eyewear_-_Gallery_mix.mp3 (23-Mar-2004 18:25, 70.0M).

JimmyMack_DoesNotMix.mp3 (18-Aug-2004 14:44, 59.4M).

Jon.Gray-December-Mix.mp3 (08-Dec-2003 19:03, 74.6M).

KarlAlmaria-ItsFunAgain.mp3 (24-Feb-2004 07:56, 61.5M).

Kelle-Marie-RX.mp3 (12-Aug-2004 14:05, 49.3M).

Kenekt_and_Wilson_-_October_mix.mp3 (30-Oct-2003 20:39, 68.1M).

Kenekt_depthperception.mp3 (18-Feb-2004 21:48, 62.3M).

Lance_Desardi@Beviamo.mp3 (16-Sep-2004 01:30, 17.5M).

ManuelGF_-_Beats_&_funked_jazz.mp3 (04-Feb-2004 23:47, 100M).

Manuelgf_-_mayo_sin_sayo.mp3 (17-Jun-2004 09:14, 71.4M).

Matt.Craske-Texture.Complete.mp3 (10-Dec-2003 00:27, 61.7M).

Matthew.Bandy-Revolutions.3.mp3 (12-Nov-2003 00:51, 72.3M).

Mazi_-_August_Proton_Radio.mp3 (26-Aug-2003 23:15, 88.1M).

Mazi_DJ_-_Sonic_Boom_Radio_Show.mp3 (30-Oct-2003 09:26, 41.2M).

Mes_-_Live@DoctorVinyl.mp3 (17-Jun-2004 09:19, 219M).

Metro Area_TLX02-02-03 (Oct 26 2004 03:39:39 AM).

Michael_Davis_-_Freshly_Squeezed.mp3 (05-Feb-2004 00:22, 65.2M).

Mindub-Underground_Alarm_Clock.mp3 (05-Jun-2003 22:34, 64.6M).

Mindub_Live@Bamboo.mp3 (28-Jun-2004 20:53, 53.6M).

mrJazz-Deep.In.Love.v2.mp3 (02-Nov-2003 17:51, 69.1M).

Nolle_(touche)_-_dreamin_of_scotch.mp3 24-Feb-2004 07:47, 105M).

Offset_Mix.mp3 (25-Jul-2004 13:27, 95.7M).

Osmose_-_Mix4ThaLovers.mp3 (01-Apr-2004 00:33, 34.7M).

Osmose_Winter2004Promo.mp3 (13-Dec-2003 14:53, 47.2M).

P_Hecher_and_S_Ward.mp3 (22-Nov-2003 00:10, 62.7M).

Pat Nice Live.mp3.mp3 (15-Sep-2004 20:15v54.5M).

Paul_-_Escobar.mp3 (08-Jul-2003 22:33v67.1M).

Pete-Aural_Allure.mp3 (23-Mar-2003 10:43, 69.0M).

Pete-Puedes_Bailar.mp3 (14-Apr-2003 19:31, 68.0M).

propa_jamiethinnes_live.mp3 (15-Sep-2004 23:20, 53.0M).

Q-Burns Los Angeles DJ Mix PT1.mp3 (15-Sep-2004 17:51, 83.9M).

Q-Burns Los Angeles DJ Mix PT2.mp3 (15-Sep-2004 17:53, 76.1M).

Rhythm_Plate_-_Quirky.mp3 (02-May-2004 02:48, 62.7M).

Rich_-_Somewhere_in_the_Middle.mp3 (02-Nov-2003 17:52, 67.9M).

Rich_LIVE_-_Evening_with_the_Folks.mp3 (09-Apr-2004 21:17, 66.3M).

Rich_from_Aquatic_Folks-Get_Wet.mp3 (01-May-2003 21:41, 64.9M).

Rich_live_on_Vinylbeats_7_04.mp3 (10-Aug-2004 23:08, 56.8M).

Safety.Meeting.mp3 (25-Nov-2003 19:12, 101M).

Sean-Holland-Are-You-Awake.mp3 (18-Feb-2004 21:52, 5.0M).

Sean-Holland-Coco-Summer.mp3 (01-Apr-2004 00:34, 65.5M).

Sean_Holland-Are_You_Awake.mp3 (18-Feb-2004 21:52, 5.0M).

Sean_Holland-aguadelbarrio.mp3 (02-Feb-2004 08:02, 59.6M).

Sean_Smith-Somethingtosmileabout.mp3 (16-Sep-2004 01:15, 18.7M).

Shawn_Ward_-_Stockholm_Live.mp3 (05-Oct-2003 12:57, 58.3M).

Souldoubt-Spring-Mix.mp3 (29-Sep-2003 19:57, 65.4M).

Souldoubt-Summer-mix.mp3 (16-Sep-2003 23:59, 72.0M).

Souldoubt_-_Spring_Mix.mp3 (29-Sep-2003 19:57, 65.4M).

Spettro-Zoning.mp3 (26-Aug-2003 23:10, 71.7M).

Stephen-Flynn-Deepstate-04.mp3 (22-Mar-2004 02:07, 63.0M).

Storm-Going.Down.mp3 (18-Nov-2003 22:37, 70.7M).

Storm_STR8_NASTY.mp3 (20-Jul-2004 11:37, 36.0M).

The_Freaky_Afronaut-Live_(8-7-2004).mp3 (11-Aug-2004 11:29, 80.3M).

Trevor_Lamont--Two_Drink_Minimum.mp3 (06-Jul-2004 11:33, 48.5M).

Trevor_Lamont-Twodrinkminimum.mp3 (26-Aug-2004 12:28, 89.9M).

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