Josh McClintock

Short description

Classic 1990s house, Haçienda-tinged to deep house using original DJ mixing methods.



Typical genres

Deep house, Haçienda, house.


Longtime underground dance music DJ since 1991, from Los Angeles. He opened for Doc Martin at the Unlock the House music event, in Los Angeles in the 1990s. Has done a classic mixtape series called Acid Junky. He lived in New York for 14 years regularly going to legendary shops, such as Sonic Groove, Dance Trax, and Satellite Records. Then moved back to California in 2010, with epic gigs at Sublevel (with Doc Martin and DJ Pierre), Jack (with Brett Johnson and Psychemagik), Mount Analog’s Nuit Noire (with Legowelt, Xosar, and D’Marc Cantu), as well as multiple Sunny Side Up evenings at the Five Star Bar in Chicago. To the Legendary MFD party, at the Kohler Street Warehouse in Los Angeles.

Only plays vinyl, and his DJ mixes are done with the classic concept of creating journeys and links, to building energy, movement and narratives between records and across his mixes.

Currently living in Colorado, United States.

Standout mix and tracklist



Coming soon.

What is Josh McClintock doing in 2023 and beyond?

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21 February 2024.

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21 February 2024.

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