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Delicate minimal microhouse grooves, nighttime city journeys to lively solid deep house.



Typical genres

Deep house, microhouse, minimal.


Gently and calmly moving between the areas of minimal, 2000-era oldstyle microhouse and deep house classics. The way she navigates her fingers between 2 decks, orchestrating smooth hypnotic techy minimal journeys, with the most delicate poetic physciality, is already capturing people’s attention. Her sound will gently engage you and then you are put under her trance, of abstract city lights and urban scenes.

Started her 1st gigs and DJ sets around 2014, in the Midlands area United Kingdom and Ibiza. Between 2020–2023 has done mixes for Roots Collective (Australia), Feeder Sound (Romania), Bloop London Radio (London), Dubøka Records (London), Afterhours (Lisbon), and Fasten Musique (Japan).

2021 saw her 1st release, the Taurus EP on Dream Dancing Records.

In 2023 she played at Fabric (London), and did a mix podcast for them. Has also played by invitation with the tech house master Bushwacka!, at the Little Portland private venue, in Central London, on a top-quality sound system.

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Coming soon.

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Single and EPs

Singles and EPs Taurus EP


Record labelDream Dancing

CountryUnited Kingdom

GenresMinimal, breakbeat

Record list

  1. A1. That Day In May (1
  2. B1. RTM (1

What is Trixie doing in 2023 and beyond?

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